Monday, June 23, 2008

My Staff at Avenues

This picture was taken by a guest that had dinner at the Chef's Bar.
From left to right:
Chandra Arunasalam, Rob Stutts, Andrew Gietzen,
Dan Bark, Joseph Davey, Curtis Duffy


Richard Singh said...

Hey, this is Richard Singh From Toronto... Good to see familiar faces, Chef Joseph I worked with on my stage at Alinea, and Chefs Curtis and Chandra I was fortunate to work with on their trip to Toronto... I ate at Avenues last summer,and I look forward to eating there again! Beautiful kitchen, best of luck to all of you!

Andrew Zarzosa said...

I love the 'what does four stars means to you?' on the pass, awesome.

Its great your blogging and sharing your progress with everyone....cant wait to eat there.

Also wanted to hi to probably dont remember me but i did a stage at Alinea (i was the guy from the bahamas) and your were the person who was the coolest to me, thanks for that!

Wish you guys nothing but success..