Thursday, January 29, 2009

Revisiting The Past

As we reflect back on some of the dishes that were created last spring, it is only natural for us to contemplate new dishes for the spring of 2009.
As a chef, it is important to continue to challenge yourself to grow and always move forward in a responsible way.
Avenues has been closed for the month of January. This time away from my regular schedule has given me the opportunity to brainstorm and conceptualize new dishes for the spring menu of 2009.

While being away from the kitchen, I composed one new dish a day. I have 31 new dishes finalized on paper and ready to execute in the kitchen.

Here is a small sample of the spring menu items:

Jidori Chicken, Sudachi Sherbet, Consomme of it's Carcass, Shiso Petals

Wagyu Beef Cheek Cannelloni, Kaffir Lime, Black Sesame in Forms, Coriander Blooms

"The Life Cycle Of Fennel"

Caramelized Goat Milk, Rhubarb, "2008" Hay, Oxalis