Sunday, May 24, 2009

Podcast Interview

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craig thornton said...

great podcast. keep it up, cant wait to get out to chicago to go eat there!!!

craig said...

so pumped that you are not for forcing people who dont really feel comfortable in jackets to wear them and having the experience be awkward (i frankly look like an idiot in a sport coat or suit not to mention that i cant find a suit skinny enough to fit properly), i went to an un-named restaurant in new york (hint. they are pretty big on seafood with 3 stars) and wasnt able to go in because i didnt have the proper kind of jacket, so my original plan of dropping 280$ on a meal was spoiled so i went to another place of the same caliber spent 180$ and had one of the best meals of my life. after working in places that require a jacket i used to tell myself i would never force someone to wear a jacket so i cant just suck it up and wear a "house" jacket just to look even more ridiculous, it just seems like the "jacket uniform" is something out of an early 90s steakhouse, til the places change their policy i just cant spend my cash there.