Thursday, August 21, 2008

Butter Corn, White Peaches, Coriander Blossoms, Aloe Vera

This is the current corn dish on my menu at Avenues. The rest of the accompaniments are:

White Peach Puree(frozen element)
Burnt Scallion Oil
Cilantro Puree
Scallion Threads
White Peaches that are vacuumed with Creme de Peche
Coriander Leaves
Coriander Blossoms
Young Coriander Seeds
Popcorn Shoots
Aloe Vera
Corn Soup(poured table side)


Mike Czyzewski said...

awesome. glad to see that you have a website.

LIVE TO EAT said...

Beautiful - worth a trip to Chicago.

Michael Franco

Elizabeth said...

Your pictures are stunning - and mouth-watering. If for some reason you ever tire of the kitchen, you have a future as a food stylist!

I look forward to returning to Chicago and putting Avenues on my list. Thanks to Michael Ruhlman for posting the link to your gorgeous site.

E. Clauser